From food to equipment, we provide products carefully selected for their quality. Our Coffee such as Turkish, American, European are made with the finest ingredients, which are also healthy for the consumers. Overall, we carry over 300 products including some delivered from Europe. In particular coffe makers from Bialetti. Our clients range from foodies who enjoy cooking with great ingredients and high quality cookware to Professionals who manage restaurants, food service companies and hospitality industry enterprises that need and seek the assistance of qualified professionals to assist them in a challenging and demanding environment. Our management team is made of food experts who can provide their know-how and experience in food choice, preparation and recipes. With Quattro Cavalli you will receive much needed products and equipment as coffe makers, moka pots and all the services from a team that brings you a high level of comfort and trust.

Our Services

  • World Distributor

    Quattro Cavalli is a world distributor of the finest European products. We selected the best and hard to find products to satisfy the palate and demands of individuals of any nationality. Our goods have been selected with our client’s needs as the first priority. These wonderful premier products will embellish the dining table and please you and guests. They also make magnificent gifts for those special friends and family.
  • Find the Best Products

    Quattro Cavalli will constantly be searching for the best hard to find products. Simply sign up for our newsletter and we will be notifying you of our new products before they arrive. This will allow you to purchase and secure them for those special occasions and for your every day consumption!


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