Quattrocavalli.com Line of Premier Products

  QuattroCavalli.com will be uploading the various premium specialty products into its website.   The products include: 1.  Over 20 types of Italian Cookies.   Italian recipes that clients will surely purchase continuously.   Make with the best products to satisfy needs of client
Quattro Cavalli Truffles

Truffles – Why The White truffles Are The Most Expensive Mushrooms

Have you ever wondered why a root parasite is regarded as one of the most exciting and expensive foods in the world? I mean a subterranean fungus , that for people who try it for the first time smells like garlic, herbs or even methane gas! An irregular lump with wrinkles that get sni

Delicious Pumpkin Soup Recipes – Ideas and Tips

There is nothing like some delicious pumpkin soup during the late fall and winter. In fact, a pumpkin soup can be used at home for warming up the family after being out in the cold and as healthy meal options. Though you will find many delicious ideas for pumpkin recipes for casual di