About Us

Quattro Cavalli is a world distributor of the finest European products. We select the best and hard to find products to satisfy the palate and demands of individuals of any nationality. Our goods have been selected with our client’s needs as the first priority. These wonderful premier products will embellish the dining table and please you and guests. They also make magnificent gifts for those special friends and family.


  • We are a great spot for Italian-Style Olives. You can find them with Garlic or Jalapeno. Try them and let them be the star of your appetizers.


  • We also have large panel of quality food items, such as Italian Balsamic Vinegars. They will be hard to find anywhere else.


  • Finally, Quattro Cavalli has the best coffee in town. Take you pick: American, Expresso and Decaffeinated.… Try it, taste it, and you will not order any other coffee.



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